Motoboy cadastrado na Loggi realizando uma entrega para uma mulher na frente de casa. Ao lado, sua moto estacionada.

Making deliveries
is our business

Local and national, to connect Brazil

Our job is to enable the craftsman in Amazonas to deliver his product to someone in São Paulo much more quickly and much more cheaply.”

Fabien Mendez, cofounder and CEO

From 2013 to today and beyond

At the start, in 2013 and 2014, Loggi was delivering documents only. Two years later, we got into e-commerce. And since 2017 we have been in the food delivery business, too.

We’re a unicorn! With investments from SoftBank, Microsoft, GGV Capital, Monashees, Kaszek and others, Loggi is worth a billion dollars.

US$ 150m



Seeds Iporanga, Angels

US$ 3m



Series A Monashees+, Qualcomm

US$ 15m



Series B Dragonder, Kaszek

US$ 15m



Series C Microsoft, IFC

US$ 111m



Series D SoftBank

US$ 150m



Series E SoftBank, Microsoft, GGVCapital

Local and national deliveries

We make millions of deliveries all over Brazil. Local ones, with direct pick-ups and deliveries, for companies and people who need speed and security. National ones, with central processing and any number of legs, for big companies looking for a high-performance solution.

Motoboy cadastrado na Loggi sorrindo e retirando uma encomenda do baú da moto

An opportunity for drivers in Brazil

Drivers registered with Loggi have an excellent chance of boosting their income and they are also free to manage their time and accept or refuse jobs as they wish.

Motogirl sentada em sua moto com baú da Loggi

We have more than 35 thousand qualified drivers and they have traveled more than 200 million kilometers throughout Brazil